Tips Batam Spa and Batam Massage

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Tips Batam Spa and Batam Massage – well, if you want relaxing in batam island, we have recomended resortin batam spa and massage batam for relaxing your body.

Batam is the largest city in the province of Riau Islands, Indonesia. The city administrative area covers three main islands of Batam. (Source wikipedia).

Tips Batam Spa and Batam Massage

Tips Batam Spa and Batam Massage

Kamaya Spa is situated in the heart of Penuin district in Batam Island, Indonesia.

It is located across the new shopping mall named Grand Batam (previously called Top 100).

5 minutes walk from BCS Mall as well as various hotels such as i Hotel Baloi, Batam City Hotel, Gideon Hotel and many more.

It is also located just 5 minutes drive away from Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. The word ‘Kamaya’ comes from Hawaiian that means ‘Precious One’.

Kamaya Spa strives to offer unique experience to all our customers whom we value them as ‘Precious One’.

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The spa owners, with their adoration to detail, has put in tremendous effort into building the Spa facility on the philosophy to bring out the unique and vintage Balinese design in the midst of our urban lifestyle.

The antique Balinese design of the Spa merges with local natural building materials such as stone and wood, providing the most relaxing.

Clean and comfortable ambience for enjoying a variety of blissful and rejuvenating treatments.

Spa Menu Batam Kamaya Spa

Here’s our list of 10 benefits of spa we can achieve through therapeutic massages.

1. Body Spa Treatments

Indulge yourself with our pampering treatments that use organic ingredients and the benefit of pure essential oil to stimulate circulation to bring a sense of well being and deep relaxation.

2. Quick Body Spa

This treatment is perfect for those who are rushing for time and in need for a spa relaxation moment.

Steps include: Foot bath, aromatherapy body massage, body scrub, soak in jacuzzi, choice of ear candling or neck & back massage, ratus.

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3. Self Designed Spa

Create your own package and pamper yourself with any combinations of all our treatments. Self-designed Spa is inclusive of a meal and drink.

4. Body Massage

Indulge in our unique traditional Balinese massage that gives you the ultimate relaxation.

5. Foot Treatments

A wonderful sensation that gives your feet a little pampering session.

6. Facial Bliss

Facial Bliss Spa Menu.

For more information please follow kamaya spa website.

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